FLOOR4MA Wetroom Shower Base with Linear Drain for Tiling


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1185 x 900mm – includes metal tray and waste

Floor4ma Linear Wetroom Shower Base Kit 1185 x 900mm

Kudos Aqua4ma Linear Waste 1185 x 900mm Shower Deck System includes:

  • Metal Under Tray Base
  • Top4ma Shower Deck
  • linear Waste with Tileable Drain Insert
  • Can be reduced to 1110 x 600mm up to 75mm off length end opposite to waste & up to 150mm each side of width
  • Extension sets for length and width available.

Additional Options

Width Extension Panels

  • The linear shower deck comes in a standard size of 1815 x 900mm.
  • The width can be extended by up to 300mm with the addition of an extension pack.
  • Including 2 x 150mm sections that are shaped to match the falls of the shower deck. Width Extension Pack inc 2x panels 1185 x 150mm

Length Extension Panel

  • If a joist under the floor obstructs the waste position, a wedge shaped extension panel is available.
  • This is fitted to the drain side of the shower deck, therefore moving the position of the waste away from the joist.

Kudos’s Aqua4Ma Floor4Ma wetroom deck can be cut down on site to different sizes to suite the size you require. Please refer to the installation instructions for further details.

Aqua4MA™ wetroom system has been designed and developed to provide installers with a quick, uncomplicated system to create a totally watertight solution that requires only basic DIY skills to fit.

Aqua4Ma wetroom kit includes the patented Floor4MA® shower tray, constructed from tough galvanised steel, comes complete with the easy to install Top4MA® base and waste and can be fitted with minimal joinery skills, negating the need to reduce the height of floor joists and is simple enough to install within 1 hour.

Once fixed in place the Floor4MA® base creates a robust, load bearing tray that strengthens the floor and is immediately ready for the Aqua4MA™ floor and wall panels.

The Aqua4MA™ floor and wall panels have a tongue and groove mechanism, with solvent welded joints, which provide a tough, durable and flexible system that is totally watertight even before tiling.

Aqua4MA™ panels are strong enough to allow accessories to be screwed directly into the wall panels without the worry of damaging the watertight seal.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Unique system
  • Lifetime guarantee

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