Flomate Mains Boost Extra


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The flomate mainsboost pumps offer a simple solution to boost low or intermittent mains water pressure without the need for a cold water break tank and is suitable for low occupancy properties typically with one bathroom.

Flomate Mainsboost MBF 60 can be connected directly to the incoming mains and will deliver up to 16 litres/minute flow at 3.2 bar pressure to multiple outlets within the property, up to the preset cut-in limit of the 60 or 80 litre pressure vessel, at which time the system will deliver 12 litres/minute until demand ends and the pressure vessel recharges.

Product Details:

Suitable for higher occupancy properties with typically up to two bathrooms, Flomate Mainsboost 60 requires no on-site commissioning and fits neatly within a standard 500 mm kitchen base unit.

  • Product code: 46631
  • Product name: Flomate Mainsboost MBF60 Pump
  • Material: Brass
  • Power Supply: 230V a.c/1/50 Hz


  • Up to 16 litres/minute flow at 3.2 bar pressure
  • Automatic Switching
  • Continuously rated
  • Easy installation
  • Max. flow 16l/min


  • WRAS compliant
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • BS EN 60335 compliant
  • CE compliant
  • Pre-wired cable 1.5m power cable


  • 3 year guarantee
  • Robust brass construction
  • Long life mechanical seal

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